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    How CPNS Boutique Began

    Six years ago, I started creating bow ties and hair accessories for my then 7 year old son and baby girl. I loved creating for them and very quickly began to create for other children. As many parents know, we often go out of our way to find beautiful items for our children (whether they think theyneed it or not). I was more excited about creating custom pieces than they were! Well... with drawers full of bow ties and boxes full of hair pretties, I decided to switch gears and give my creativity room to grow and give attention to myself (gasp, clutch my pearls!) 


    My love for beautiful fabric came from working in the bridal industry for over 10 years! Remembering the look on a bride's face when she would put on gowns made of various fabrics from silk peau de soie to dreamy organza and... "feel pretty". It ignited in me the desire to create things that made me feel pretty! In turn, it caused me to begin designing things for fellow fashionistas who were also Moms like me! They were women who may have forgotten what it felt like to... "feel pretty," because they'd forgotten to give attention to themselves.  Hence, the La Femme bow was born. Always a girlie girl, I felt it was a unique, It is a unique, feminine statement piece - perfect for the girlie girl. It represents self-confidence, style, sassiness, and strength. This is what I want women to feel when they wear a La Femme bow because sometimes we forget that we are ALL OF THE ABOVE -  until we adorn ourselves the way we deserve to!

    I also design digital scenes to create girlie stationery as well as digital art and gifts. With each item I design, my intention that you feel all of the qualities above each time you use it, whether it's writing in a notebook, wearing a t-shirt or looking at the digital wall hanging she downloaded from the site!

    Am I a girlie girl? ABSOLUTELY! However, I am also confident, stylish, sassy and strong.

    And you know what?....So are you!



    Sheilita Joseph is married and the mother of two children. Originally from New Jersey, she resides in Charlotte, NC. 

    She constantly is raising the bar for herself, which means sometimes doing the thing she is scared to do. In 2019, that was teaching two sold out classes how to sew her signature La Femme bow at a craft conference attended by over 300 people, hosted by one of the largest Facebook craft groups. In 2020, she was selected to share her story and inspire other craftpreneurs on the nationally known craft chain, Michaels Stores' teaching platform - with craft coach, Ms Creative CEO. Sheilita now teaches several classes, online and in person, with the goal of empowering women to enhance their businesses as well as to provide additional streams of income!

    Her success in selling unique, handcrafted pieces has allowed her  to have more time with her family. It also keeps her creative talents stimulated and keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever changing accessory world.

    "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."

    -Maya Angelou